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The last thing you want your patients worrying about is the bill! Enroll with TransFirst Health Services and provide your patients with the flexible payment options they deserve! By partnering with the American College of Eye Surgeons / American Board of Eye Surgery and TransFirst Health Services, you can assure yourself that your patients will have access to an array of payment options. TransFirst Health Services is the leading payment-processing specialist in the healthcare industry. TransFirst Health Services has the dedication, knowledge, and expertise to meet the needs of your practice better than any other payment processor. Not only are you choosing the best payment processor in the healthcare industry, but you are also taking another step to keep ahead of the competition!

Member Benefits

  • Free savings analysis!
  • Special rate offer:
  • 1.90% VI/MC discount rate
    $5.00 monthly fee
    $0.20 per item fee
  • *Custom pricing available

Special terms:

  • All members qualify
  • $50 setup/enrollment fee
  • No contract term
  • No annual fee
  • No termination fee
  • Easy enrollment
  • No minimum fee
  • Use existing equipment
  • No volume requirements
  • 24/7/365 support line
  • Electronic draft capture
  • Association Benefit

Your enrollment helps! By enrolling in this program, you help manage operation costs and keep membership dues low!

Available Services

  • Equipment/Software
  • Visa/MasterCard/AMEX/Discover Debit and EBT
  • Check Verfication/Check Truncation
  • Internet/Website Programs
  • Wireless POS Solutions
  • Account Receivable Reduction Programs
  • Customized Media Kits

Benefits Overview — 5 reasons to enroll right now:

  1. SAVE YOUR TIME. Don’t worry about payments and payment issues; provide faster checkout by accepting credit cards, while offering an array of credit payment options.
  2. INCREASE NUMBER OF ELECTIVE PROCEDURES. It is proven that customers spend more using credit cards than writing checks or paying cash.
  3. INCREASE YOUR CASH FLOW. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your money will be in your account faster than it takes a check to clear the bank.
  4. REDUCE YOUR COSTS. Accepting credit cards takes away the time, hassle, and cost of depositing checks and cash at your bank.
  5. REDUCE YOUR RISK. Remove the liability of carrying accounts personally by moving debt to patient’s credit card.


TransFirst Health Services
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Program Manager
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