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It is my privilege to extend this great opportunity to join the American College of Eye Surgeons – a group of innovative and talented surgeons who provide their patients the highest quality in surgical eye care. ACES is unique in that it provides an arena in which ideas are presented, challenged, and refined through refreshingly frank dialogue from members whose earnest desire is to continually better their skills. Unlike larger organizations, ACES is “right-sized” for immediate feedback and one on one dialogue with modern ophthalmological thought leaders. No big egos, no commercials, and no “talking heads” with commercial bias. Just honest hard-working docs trying to be the best surgeons they can be.

Try us for one year. You’ll become a better surgeon, and come away with an energized and positive approach, a renewed sense of mission, a happier practice, and most importantly, the gratification of providing your patients the very best in surgical care. I guarantee it.

Denise Visco, MD


The American College of Eye Surgery was founded in 1987 by John Sheets, Gale Martin, and visionary peers with the sole purpose of fostering an emphasis on quality surgical care in ophthalmology. For nearly a quarter century, ACES has continually “upped the bar” through innovation, education, mentoring, and providing a skills certification arm through the American Board of Eye Surgery. Throughout our history, our membership has selflessly contributed to the body of modern ophthalmic surgical technique, and has helped hundreds of surgeons reach their untapped potential.


Our annual island meeting provides a forum for frank discussion and critique of current concepts in cataract and refractive surgery, all in a setting conducive to individual exchange, honest dialogue, and the fellowship of other surgeons who face identical challenges in their professional careers. The island atmosphere provides a wonderful environment for much needed relaxation with family, friends, and colleagues. It is the perfect setting for meaningful, unhurried, and in-depth exchange of ideas, be they at the podium, or on the beach.

Caribbean Eye is also the one meeting where fulfilling your CME requirement is truly that…not simply a certificate documenting sitting in a lecture room, but useful, bonafide continuing education that you’ll use immediately upon returning to your practice.


You’re skilled; you’re experienced; you’re qualified. Now it’s time to be recognized for your accomplishments. Apply for Board Certification by the American Board of Eye Surgery (ABES) as a sub-specialist in any one of four areas – LASIK, cataract/implant surgery, radial keratotomy, and penetrating keratoplasty.

In an area of medicine which has become so aggressive, so competitive, how better to distinguish yourself from the masses than achieving subspecialty certification by the prestigious American Board of Eye Surgery.

Consider the investment you have made in your profession. Consider the implications of managed care. Now consider the benefits of membership in the American College of Eye Surgeons.

The choice is clear.


ACES offers many benefits of membership, including:

  • Skills Exchange Program
  • Quarterly e-Newsletter – Get up to date changes on techniques and government regulations from our quarterly e-Newsletter. Please be sure to include your email address on the membership application so we can add you to our mailing list.
  • Discounted registration at the annual ACES/SEE Island Quality Surgery Seminar.
  • Mentoring Program – Members can rely on each other on a continuing basis. As part of our network, members are encouraged to visit other practices and observe surgery, as well as pre and post operative care, in order to enhance their own expertise.
  • Listing in our on-line membership directory

In addition, ACES has entered into alliances with:

  • Enroll with TransFirst Health Services and provide your patients with the flexible payment options they deserve! By partnering with ACES/ABES and TransFirst Health Services, you can assure yourself that your patients will have access to an array of payment options.
  • Rose and Associates – ACES members receive a 15% discount on chart audit services and seminars and a $75/month discount to participate in our Monthly Maintenance Program.


To allow you to experience first hand the many benefits of ACES membership, join now and deduct 25% off of your first year’s dues! This is an offer … a membership … an experience… you can’t afford… to do without!

Join us today!

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