Dear Physician:


Managing educational costs. Purchasing or joining a practice. Managed care. Contracts. Continuing education. Overhead Costs. Patient communication . . .

Without question, there will soon be many decisions you will be required to make; decisions toward planning and securing your future in ophthalmology. Yet another decision you can make now to work toward your successful future is membership in the American College of Eye Surgeons (ACES). . . an organization solely committed to quality ophthalmic surgical care.

After several years of labor, extensive meetings and discussions by a small group of ophthalmologists committed to maintaining high standards of quality ophthalmic surgical care,the American College of Eye Surgeons was formed. To this end, ACES’ developed and now supports the American Board of Eye Surgery (ABES). ABES was created to offer sub-specialty certification programs. Presently certification is offered in four areas; cataract/implant surgery, refractive surgery (incisional keratotomy and LASIK) and penetrating keratoplasty surgery (PKP).

Benefits of membership include:

  • Complimentary membership dues for residents/fellows during training.
  • “Quality Surgery” seminars to help ensure that ophthalmic surgeons have access to the latest technological developments, and, through exhibitors, access to the latest equipment. Members receive a substantial savings on course registration fees; residents, through donations made to the “Resident Education Fund” by regular members, are offered complimentary registration fees.
  • Quarterly newsletter included to provide the latest developments within ACES and ABES.
  • Catalog of Services and Products includes membership patches, lapel pins, labcoats, brochures, and many other items designed to educate patients as to the value of membership in ACES and certification by ABES. You may utilize numerous products contained in the catalog during your residency.

Upon completion of training, additional benefits, among others, will include:

  • Cataract Informational Patient Brochure which details numerous elements associated with cataract surgery, as well as outlines membership in ACES.
  • Care and Evaluation of the Cataract Patient Handbook, described by Richard L. Lindstrom, M.D. as being “the most complete compendium of cataract information I’ve seen.”

After reviewing the enclosed information, I sincerely hope you will elect to join the American College of Eye Surgeons. Plus, if you join this year, you will receive three years of reduced dues after you complete your training. If you join this year and maintain your ACES’ membership through completion of your training, you will only pay 25% of full dues your first year ($72.50), 50% your second year ($145.00) and 75% your third year ($217.50); full annual dues payable thereafter – $290.00. As you can see, joining now and taking advantage of the complimentary registration fee (available to resident members), combined with the reduced payment schedule, will save you money in the future!

Aware that money is tight during training, especially with practice plan decisions coming in the very near future, ACES’ “more established” ophthalmologists subsidize your dues during this critical time in your career. Simply complete the enclosed application. If you would like more information concerning ACES membership, please call us at 727.366.1487.

Best wishes for a successful future in ophthalmology.

Executive Director

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