Skills Exchange Program

The American College of Eye Surgeons would like to announce its Skills Exchange program, which is designed to provide ACES’ members and ABES’ certified physicians an opportunity to engage in a skills exchange experience. In addition, many ABES-certified physicians have volunteered to share their unique expertise, i.e., Botox, LASEK, etc., in an effort to maximize the potential of this program. Each Skills Exchange experience may take place through a variety of methods, including telephone conferences, observation of live surgery, review of videotaped procedures, and consultations regarding problem cases.

Through this program, ACES hopes to encourage and promote the ability of ACES and ABES physicians to share their individual knowledge, whether it be related to cataract surgery, refractive surgery, or other elective procedures. For more information, contact ACES at 727.366.1487.


Name State Area of Expertise
Jonathan Adler, M.D. FL cataract/implant; LASIK and eyelid plastic surgery
Alan Aker, M.D. FL cataract/implant
Kenneth Anthone, M.D. NY cataract and small incision surgery (supracapsular method especially the crack and stack technique)
Lisa Arbisser, M.D. IA cataract/implant
Wayne Barber, M.D. MD phacoemulsification (topical, clear cornea)
Jeffrey Baumann, M.D. FL cataract/implant; corneal transplant
Ivan Baumwell, M.D. PA cataract/implant
Scott Behler, M.D. FL refractive/cataract surgery
Monroe Benaim, M.D. FL LASIK; phaco; trabs
Robin Beran, M.D. OH refractive surgery – LASEK
Ralph G. Berkeley, M.D. TX cataract & refractive surgery
Daniel Bregman, M.D. TN cataract; glaucoma; LASIK
Richard Bowers, M.D. PA cataract/implant
David Chase, M.D. VT cataract & refractive surgery
Ronald Coburn, M.D. MI cataract/implant
Tom Coffman, M.D. FL Array multifocal implants
Burton Cunin, M.D. CT cataract/implant; LRI; multifocal IOL’s
John Donovan, M.D. FL cataract/implant; LASIK
Robert Dotson, M.D. TN cataract & refractive surgery
Paul Ernest, M.D. MI cataract & refractive surgery
Lance Ferguson, M.D. KY cataract/implant; LASIK
Konrad Filutowski, M.D. FL cataract & LASIK
Lawrence Fox, M.D. NY cataract/implant
James Freeman, M.D. TN cataract/implant; LASIK
Charles Fritch, M.D. CA cornea; cataract & refractive surgery
Luther Fry, M.D. KS cataract/implant surgery
Johnny Gayton, M.D. GA cataract/implant; LASEK; viscocanalostomy
Robert Gerald, M.D. TX cataract/implant
Howard Gimbel, M.D. Canada cataract & refractive surgery
Daniel Goldberg, M.D. NJ cornea; cataract & refractive
Harry Grabow, M.D. FL cataract/implant
Joseph Gravlee, M.D. AL cataract/implant
Ben Hasty, M.D. FL LASIK; glaucoma; cataract/implant
Alexander Hatsis, M.D. NY Refractive – incisional and LASIK
Warren Hill, M.D. AZ intraocular lens power calculations; complicated cataract surgery
Randal Hughes, M.D. IN LASIK; Prelex; CE/IOL
Maurice John, M.D. IN cataract & refractive
Peter Kansas, M.D. NY cataract & refractive
Robert Kantor, M.D. FL cataract & refractive
Leeds Katzen, M.D. MD cataract/implant
John Kearney, M.D. NY viscocanalostomy; Phaco Flip; multifocal IOL’s
Christopher Larson, M.D. WI cataract/implant (clear cornea topical); LASIK
Jay Lippman, M.D. NY cataract/implant; LASIK
Lawrence Loewenthal, M.D. MI cataract/implant
Luis Lu, M.D. PA cataract/implant
P. Michael Mann, M.D. TX cataract & refractive surgery
Louis Mark, M.D. FL cataract/implant
James Martuccio, Jr., M.D. OH cataract/implant
James McDonald, II, M.D. AR LASIK; Intacs; incisional
Richard Mertz, M.D. MI cataract and refractive
William Myers, M.D. IL cataract/implant
Jay Novetsky, M.D. MI Phaco (refractive cataract surgery), LASIK
David O’Brien, M.D. FL refractive
Richard Orlando, M.D. OH phacoemulsification
John Pajka, M.D. OH cataract/implant
Gregory Panzo, M.D. FL cataract/implant; glaucoma filtration surgery
Mark Phelan, M.D. TX cataract/implant; LASIK
Kent Price, M.D. NC cataract & refractive surgery
Randal Rabon, M.D. TN cataract/implant; LASIK
Harold Ranelle, M.D. TX cataract/implant; refractive
Harvey Richert, II, M.D. TX cataract/implant; refractive; cornea & external eye disease
Philip Roholt, M.D. OH cataract/implant; LASIK
F. Hampton Roy, M.D. AR cataract/implant; refractive
J. Avery Rush, M.D. TX cataract/implant; refractive (LASIK)
Robert Schnipper, M.D. FL cataract/implant; LASIK
David Shoemaker, M.D. FL cataract/implant
James Shuler, M.D. CA cataract & refractive surgery
Alan Shuster, M.D. FL cataract/implant
Harris Silverman, M.D. FL cataract/implant surgery
Alan Smith, M.D. TX cataract, implant/refractive
P. Dee G. Stephenson, M.D. FL phaco with foldable silicone lenses with new insertion devices; cornea transplants
Stuart Terry, M.D. TX cataract/implant; LASIK; glaucoma
Paul Thames, M.D. TX cataract/implant; LASIK
Kenneth Turley, M.D. ID cataract/implant
Eileen Wayne, M.D. IL cataract/implant
Stephen Weinstock, M.D. FL cataract/implant; LASIK
Daniel Welch, M.D. FL cataract/implant
Jeffrey Whitman, M.D. TX refractive/cataract
Leslie Woodcock, M.D. NY cataract/implant
Norman Woodlief, M.D. IA cataract/iimplant
Ed Yavitz, M.D. IL cataract/implant; LASIK
Paul Yoder, M.D. VA cataract/implant
John Zeiter, M.D. CA cataract/implant; eyelid surgery